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I got a call from someone saying that I had been approve for $5000.00 and I need to get a pay pal card and give them $250.00 to process the loan.I told them to call me back because I needed to go and purchase this card for them but, what I did was went online and I say in big Red letters that read Beware Scam Alert we do not as for money up front for our loans so, when the person called me back I question him about it and he demanded I pay the...
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I didn't like
  • That no one can be reached by phone
I filled out their online application, they then right away emailed saying they needed my logins to verify my acct. I then emailed back telling them that this is shady and why would i need to provide all that information!....AS EXPECTED nobody replied to my email. I sent two more emails and still no reply, I immediately changed my banking password and security info!! Application is still showing as waiting for review!! This was at 12:30 pm is...
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Cash one is not a scam. I received my cash last week and they put it in my account. If you don't want to give them your banking info so they can look at your banking , just email them your banking instead you don't have to give them your card number or password. That's only if you want them to speed up the process for your loan. But it's not a scam. The only thing I don't like is they charge more then other payday lenders. There fees are...
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